Guest post: They are actually being validated

Originally a comment by iknklast on Strict supervision.

It seems that JK Rowlings’ tweets may be the top 10 list all by themselves. But really, when you look at what the trans lobby talks about as harm:

Tweets saying men aren’t women

Tweets saying women don’t have penises

Being called sir by a clerk

Being asked to leave a women’s room

Being told they aren’t really a woman just because they’re wearing a dress

Feminine hygiene products bearing the woman symbol

Women’s health clinics being called women’s health clinics

Not being able to get bustiers in their size (I haven’t actually heard this one, but I have heard some related)

Women writing books that say women are vulnerable to men

Women not liking to be called cis

Lesbians deciding on their own terms who they want to have sex with, and who they don’t

Every now and then, we will hear about something that might be a problem, a serious one, such as high suicide rate and high homicide rate, but this comes with mostly hand-waving and some mumbo-jumbo statistics which don’t seem to support their case, but you’re not allowed to point that out, and some statistics that encompass the entirety of the LGBTQ++++++++++ spectrum, and seem to be mostly LGB statistics that they pretend are totally T statistics. They throw words at you, emotional words, words appropriated from other vulnerable groups, and don’t give you a chance to process the reality that those words do not apply to this group of uber-entitled men who want to be women, but don’t seem to want to be treated like women are treated. When they do receive treatment like women are treated, they assume it is because they’re trans, and never realize that, at least in some cases, they are actually being validated by being treated like a woman. They think women have it great, and they have it badly, and since they do not recognize the treatment they receive as misogyny, they assume they are more oppressed than women, because they assume we don’t experience any of that.

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