He uses the word “tiny”

Or maybe that wasn’t his “speech on race” (which god knows nobody wants to hear), maybe it was his “ban on chokeholds except when the cops really want to use it” speech. It can be hard to be sure with him.

Trump has taken the podium in the Rose Garden, and he said he had just privately met with several families who lost loved ones to police brutality. “All Americans mourn by your side,” Trump said to the families, who were not present for the Rose Garden event. “Your loved ones will not have died in vain.”

What, because he’s now signed an order saying no chokeholds except when you really want to? That makes all those deaths not in vain?

And what a disgusting thing to say anyway, especially to people who aren’t there. If he really thought his order would be a consolation to them, they should have been in the front row, or on the podium; instead they weren’t present at all.

No, it’s just one of those reflexive verbal formulas that he uses so much because he doesn’t know how to think.

Trump blamed police brutality on a small number of police officers, even though criminal justice activists have argued police brutality is a reflection of systemic racism.

“They’re very tiny,” Trump said of the officers responsible for police brutality. “I use the word tiny. It’s a very small percentage. But nobody wants to get rid of them more than the really good and great police officers.”

Is it a very small percentage? I don’t think he knows that, and I strongly doubt that it’s true.

Trump has now signed the executive order on police reform, surrounded by law enforcement officials who were invited to the Rose Garden event.

The visual struck some as odd, considering the president had privately met with families who lost loved ones to police brutality moments before the event and the order comes after nationwide protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd.

Yeah not really “odd.” No that’s not the right word.

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