He’s getting closer

Holy shit. Trump just had protesters gassed so that he could have a photo op with the gassing.

Police fired tear gas at peaceful demonstrators outside the White House Monday, just moments before President Trump addressed the nation about violent protests that have unfolded across the country over the killing of black men by police.

[Black people actually. Breonna Taylor was a woman.]

Sooner after his address, Trump used the path cleared by police to walk to St. John’s Church, which had sustained fire damage during protests the night before.

During his address from the Rose Garden, said he was dispatching “thousands and thousands” of armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting and looting seen in recent days.

Hundreds of demonstrators had peacefully gathered at Lafayette Park, when police, Secret Service and military police suddenly moved in to disperse the crowd.

With tear gas.

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