He was wondering aloud

Who’s this guy? What is CBN? His profile says ” Chief Political Analyst, CBN News” – so what’s CBN News?

Ah. Doctor Google informs us that CBN is Christian Broadcasting Network.

So Christians are all about the rapist serial adulterer serial marry-er who brags about grabbing women by the pussy? All about greed and pugnacity and cruelty and lying? All about sending refugees back to be killed, letting children die on the floors of prisons, demanding the death penalty for the wrongly accused?

I’m not a big fan of Christianity but I think it has some better values than that (along with some crappy ones).

Anyway his point is not as cogent as he thinks. It’s true that Trump didn’t say “People should be drinking disinfectant,” but that doesn’t exonerate him of babbling dangerous nonsense about the potential curative powers of somehow getting disinfectant inside the body, “a kind of cleaning.” He didn’t say “Drink this,” he said “Drinking this might work.” Since the “this” was disinfectants, the second is not massively better than the first.

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