Ok who told Trump about the Nobles?



First of all journalists don’t get “Nobles” or even Nobels. There is no Nobel Prize for journalism. Second, spelling. Third…everything. Saying that out loud, and not just out loud but on Twitter. Acting like a spoiled toddler with a toothache out in public where we can all see you. Fourth – you do realize you’re telling us all it upsets you that nobody gives you a Noble prize for journalism? And that that looks kind of stupid coming from a head of state? In short that we’re all going to laugh at you? That all you’re doing is humiliating yourself? That we’re laughing at you (at the same time as we very seriously want you out of that office immediately before you do more damage)?

Three hours those have been sitting there, not even taken down to fix the spelling as someone did this morning. I guess the staff have given up.

Give him his blanky and put him to bed. Strap him in.

Updating to add: they did get taken down so I’ll add the screenshots.


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