If sun, sun itself

More of Trump’s sarcasm:

I do think this – I do think disinfectant on the hands could have a very good effect. Now Bill az gone back to check that in the laboratory, you know it’s an amazing laboratory, by the way, it’s amazing, the work that they do. So [rubbing his hands together vigorously] he’s going to check…because…it’s a hard surface, this is a hard surface [meaning, his hands, which he rubs together some more so we’ll understand], I guess maybe depending on whose hands yer talking about, right, but thiss sa hard surface [rubbing hands demonstratively] and disinfectant – [flinging himself back in his chair with passion] disinfectant has an unbelievable – it wipes it out.

Ok so to sum up so far – hands are a hard surface and disinfectant wipes “it” out on a hard surface, so…the GI tract is also a hard surface, just like hands, so it will totally work? Also, sir, is this part of the sarcasm?

Then it becomes about sun and heat and humidity. Wipes it out, he says. Well awesome, then we can all just take hot showers twice a day and we’ll be fine, right?

So I said how do we do it inside the body or even outside the body with the hands, with disinfectant, I think it would work, he thinks it would work –

So…he’s learned that disinfectant works on hard surfaces, and that hands can be cleaned, and he’s somehow decided that hands are hard surfaces, but I’m still not seeing the part of the path where he gets to the inside. It’s something to do with the hands, but what? Does he think we should scrub our hands really well and then scoop up some disinfectant and stick our hands down our throats and into our stomachs? Or what? The little fella is trying so hard to explain but there’s still just that crucial piece missing.

But you use it when you’re doing your hands, I guess that’s one of the reasons they say wash ya hands, but whether it’s washing your hands or disinfectant on ya hands, it’s very good. So…they’re gonna start looking at that, and there is a way of, you know, that if light, if sun [pointing excitedly], sun itself

And there the clip ends.

This will undo all the damage he did yesterday, for sure.

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