If you cannot name

Let’s see if we can figure out how this works, or if it works.


There’s something that I see GC people saying a lot, JKR said it, and they’re right

“If you cannot name your injustice or oppressor, then you can’t fight it”

And then they try to stop people saying transphobe, TERF, even cis. They try and shut down all discussion of transphobia

I don’t know what Montgomerie has against periods at the end of sentences…Maybe it’s a sly joke about the fact that trans women don’t have periods?

Anyway, I think I have figured it out, and it doesn’t work. You have to name the injustice and the oppressor accurately. They both have to be real. We’re well familiar with people shouting about “injustices” that aren’t real at all – look at Trump for example. Look at angry White Pride demonstrators. Look at men who are furious that they can’t find a woman who wants to have sex with them. And yes look at the kind of trans activist who tweets “KILL ALL TERFS” and the like.

It’s not an injustice or a form of oppression that a man thinks he is a woman inside, or that a woman thinks she is a man inside. It may be a lot of other things – a misfortune, an unhappy situation, a misery – but it’s not an injustice, because justice doesn’t come into it. Injustice and oppression require agency, which means they require agents, and there are no agents behind this feeling of being the other sex. It’s just something that happens (at least according to the accounts people give – it’s so subjective and so quick to change shape that it’s hard to know), as opposed to something that someone did.

Is it unjust and oppressive that we don’t all believe that sex is a matter of self-description as opposed to fact? No, because it can’t be, because we need to know which is which for a long list of reasons.

So the truth of “If you cannot name your injustice or oppressor, then you can’t fight it” doesn’t apply to what Montgomerie is talking about. Trump should stop saying that dead people voted, because it’s a lie and he’s engaged on a criminal attempt to steal an election and destroy what’s left of American democracy. Montgomerie should stop talking about “transphobes” and “cis people” because those are not real categories and they are used to bully and ostracize feminist women.

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