Ignore that Vatican in the corner

I never can figure out how this is supposed to work, this claim that a senator’s or justice’s religion makes no difference to what the senator or justice will do.

Much has been made of Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith following her nomination for the supreme court. Some have speculated it may affect her rulings on matters such as abortion and LGBT rights, while others have expressed disquiet about her membership of the secretive People of Praise group.

Why is it “speculation” to think that “Catholic faith” will influence how Barrett rules on abortion? The “Catholic faith” is fanatically opposed to abortion, and correspondingly indifferent to the rights and needs of women, so if you hold “Catholic faith” then that’s what you’re buying into.

Barrett herself has said she will follow the law rather than her own beliefs, and she appears to have a supporter from a prominent Democrat, House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Of course Barrett has said that; she wants the job! Wanting to make abortion illegal is probably part of why she wants it, though probably only a small part.

“It doesn’t matter what her faith is, or what religion she believes in,” said Pelosi who, like Joe Biden and Barrett, is Catholic. “What matters is does she believe in the Constitution of the United States.

But it does. It does matter. There are some believers who can bracket parts of their religions’ commands and claims, but it’s not safe or reasonable to assume that’s the case with all of them.

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