Is McEnany on the list?

This is rather galling:

White House staffers to receive Covid-19 vaccine ahead of general public

The people who have been busily spreading the virus as widely as they can are going to get the vaccine before we do, we who have been following the pandemic rules for the past nine months.

High-ranking White House officials are set to receive some of the first coronavirus vaccines in the United States, according to a White House official and a person familiar.

Those vaccinations, which could begin as soon as this week, would come while the vaccine is in extremely limited supply and only generally available to high-risk health care workers.

The President and other White House staff have regularly flouted US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for safety during the pandemic such as the wearing of face masks and social distancing.

There have been several Christmas parties held at the White House recently where those guidelines weren’t followed, and Trump held many events during the campaign where large crowds gathered, maskless.

But they get the first round of vaccinations anyway. Very let them eat cake.

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