Isn’t a small piece of you missing the commute?

I can see only the first two paragraphs but that’s plenty. Iain Gately in The Sunday Times:

It’s been nearly six months since we were first asked to work from home, and one of the early silver linings of lockdown was — I think we can all agree — not having to spend a large proportion of every morning and evening with our nose pressed into a stranger’s armpit on a packed train or bus.

But, with a half a year to reflect, did we wish our commutes away too readily? If you’re not back at your desk, isn’t a small piece of you missing that daily ride to and from the office? For many of us, the commute is part of who we are — and it serves a useful purpose.

Oh yes, I’m sure millions of people are missing the privilege of squandering a huge amount of money and an even huger amount of time to get from where they live to where they work. I’m sure they miss the expense and tedium and discomfort and waste. Who wouldn’t rather be sitting in a crowded train or a boring car going from X to Y than taking a walk or playing with the kids or slicing up some veggies from the garden?

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