Just hours after

CNN is harsher than the Post.

The Department of Justice revealed in a court filing late Friday that it has two dozen emails related to the President Donald Trump’s involvement in the withholding of millions in security assistance to Ukraine — a disclosure that came just hours after the Senate voted against subpoenaing additional documents and witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial, paving the way for his acquittal.

The filing, released near midnight Friday, marks the first official acknowledgment from the Trump administration that emails about the President’s thinking related to the aid exist, and that he was directly involved in asking about and deciding on the aid as early as June. The administration is still blocking those emails from the public and has successfully kept them from Congress.

The first official acknowledgement, and it comes after the vote to cover it all up. The 49 to 51 vote, with all but two Republicans voting to hide the criminal self-serving traitorous actions of the lying self-serving criminal Donald Trump. The Republicans have decided to be the party of selfish greedy criminals, which seems a tad cynical.

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