Man wins Female District Leader position

M. K. Fain on that election in Queens:

Emilia Decaudin, a man, has won the Female District Leader position for New York City’s 37-A district, which resides in Queens. Last year, Decaudin successfully petitioned to eliminate the sex parity rule in New York Democratic Leadership Council roles—a rule which was put in place by feminists to ensure women’s fair and equal participation in the democratic process.

And along came a man to say no, let’s not ensure women’s fair and equal participation in the democratic process. Let’s keep women out, instead.

Decaudin, who identifies as transgender and non-binary, defeated Deirdre Feerick, a woman, for the female position by a margin of about 5.5 points. Feerick was an experienced politician who enjoyed the endorsement of the Queens Democratic Party. Decaudin appears to have only recently moved to the district after residing in Westchester County.

In October, City Democrats insisted that changing the rules “would NOT affect the gender parity of (half of the seats reserved for women) outlined for elected office seats such as District Leaders.” This has proven to untrue—as was expected by feminists. District 37A will now be represented by two white men, despite the fact that the District as a whole is a “majority minority” District, largely consisting of Hispanics, and does, in fact, also contain women, who have now been deprived of a representative.

Sorry, wims, sucks to be you.

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