Masks are forbidden

God we’re stupid.

In the last few weeks a spate of American stores have made headlines after putting up signs telling customers who wear masks they will be denied entry. On Thursday, Vice reported on a Kentucky convenience store that put up a sign reading: “NO Face Masks allowed in store. Lower your mask or go somewhere else. Stop listening to [Kentucky governor Andy] Beshear, he’s a dumbass.”

What can be the point? It’s a respiratory disease, spread via coughs, sneezes, breathing, spitting – it spreads from the face. Why would you not want to wear a mask around people, given that the disease can kill a lot more readily than, say, a cold? Why turn it into a matter of political flagwaving? You might as well say it’s liberal bullshit to look before crossing the street.

Anti-lockdown protesters have argued that it is anti-American for the government to curtail people’s freedoms in order to reduce deaths as a result of Covid-19. Meanwhile, store owners tell customers what they can and cannot wear before entering, and customers cough in the faces of workers in the name of freedom.

The freedom to infect other people isn’t a human right.

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