Merry magical thinking

The way it works is, the virus understands that people really really want to get together with family over Christmas so it will declare a cease-fire for five days. The virus is strict, but fair.

Ministers are facing calls to publish scientific advice on the relaxing of Covid-19 rules over Christmas amid warnings that a single infectious guest could infect a third of those at a household gathering.

Under rules revealed by the prime minister on Tuesday, up to three households can form a “bubble” for five days over Christmas. It prompted a raft of scientists to speak out, warning that mixing will inevitably lead to an increase in infections come the new year, leading to deaths. Some said the government should have put greater emphasis on the dangers and potential control measures.

No but see it’s a “bubble,” which is the signal the virus agreed to respect.

Now experts have called for the government to release advice given by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage).

Dr Julian Tang, clinical virologist at the University of Leicester, said: “I do not think Sage will have evidence to show that enhanced mixing is going to be beneficial in terms of stopping the virus from spreading, if anything it will increase the virus spread … The reason that the government and Sage are … giving this amnesty of five days is more of a psychosocial, emotional side of what Christmas means to people.”

But the virus gets that, it understands, so it’s agreed to step back for those five days. It’s all arranged.

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