Not Actually Women’s Library

Last week:

Two of Scotland’s best known libraries are under attack for their conflicting stance on trans rights as the “culture wars” escalate in the country’s arts scene.

Feminists have railed against the Glasgow Women’s Library after a women’s campaign group opposed to gender self-declaration law changes were denied access.

Their fury was inflamed by news that trans rights activists had been permitted to hold a training day at the publicly funded venue, led by two men.

In a statement online, the Glasgow Women’s Library said: “We will only accept venue hire bookings from organisations that align with our values and we always do our best to make sure of this when bookings are made.”

So the values of a Women’s Library are that men training other men (presumably on how to pretend to be women) are welcome but women pointing out that men are not women are not welcome. At a Women’s Library. Women get out, men come right in. At a Women’s Library.

But answer came there none.

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