This one is in an area where I’ve actually been, so that’s new.

An Amazon employee in Seattle has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to an internal message sent on Tuesday afternoon.

All other employees who came in close contact with the individual have been notified, according to the message. The employee worked out of the Brazil building, which is located blocks away from the Amazon Spheres, the company’s giant greenhouse domes in downtown Seattle. The company said it defined close contact as “closer than 6ft/2 meters over a prolonged period of time”.

The Brazil building is in South Lake Union, which has a pleasant park along Lake Union so I go there sometimes. Not that I’m thinking “Ooh I probably have it,” it’s just…interesting.

It’s a bizarre neighborhood. Not long ago it was a drab uninteresting area of low-slung industrial buildings and now it’s jam-packed with glittering new glass towers.

This concludes today’s episode of me me me me.

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