People are tired of coronavirus

Trump is in Las Vegas, where he should stay until he is imprisoned.

Trump joined a campaign staff call from his hotel in Las Vegas, where he is staying before his two campaign rallies in Arizona later today.

The president tried to instill confidence in his campaign staff, insisting he would win the election, despite the recent disappointing polls.

He insists a lot of things. Insistence doesn’t make it true.

He relieved his frustrations by trashing Fauci.

“People are tired of coronavirus,” the president said, according to reporters who listened in on the call. “People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots.”

We’re tired of coronavirus – you don’t say! Here I thought we were loving it, with all the deaths and miserable protracted illnesses and restrictions and deprivations. And yes how very sensible to get angry at the medical experts who advise us on how to reduce the spread of the virus, and how sensible and reasonable and fair to call them idiots, especially when you yourself are…not conspicuously intelligent or thoughtful.

He said Fauci had been around too long. (You know someone else we could say that about? Of course you do.)

The president also claimed (without evidence) that the US death toll would have been as high as 800,000 if he had followed Fauci’s advice.“Fauci is a disaster,” Trump said.

Without evidence and without anything else. No reasons, no explanation, no chain of reasoning, no argument – just a stupid assertion, as always. His name should be Stupid J. Assertion.

Yesterday this happened:

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