Rising damp

The Michigan fascisti are at it again.

Despite heavy rain, armed protesters gathered Thursday at the State Capitol in Michigan in what the organizing group, Michigan United for Liberty, a militia group, has branded “judgment day.”

It’s their third gun-toting tantrum over the lockdown and the fact that the governor is a woman and a Democrat.

Ahead of Thursday’s protest, comments were made in private Facebook groups threatening Gov. Whitmer and lawmakers with violence, according to reporting by the Detroit Metro Times.

But hey by all means let them carry their assault weapons into the capitol.

Concern about Thursday’s gathering was higher than previous protests. But rain and an interruption in planning — Facebook reportedly removed the organizers’ private group from their platform for inciting violence — may have curbed the crowed which seemed substantially smaller than two weeks ago. That was when armed protesters brought signs that compared Gov. Whitmer to Hitler, showed nooses and confederate flags. Some signs read, “Tyrants Get The Rope.”

It’s judgement day! But it’s also raining so…meh…I’m staying home and watching tv.

Meanwhile guns guns guns GUNS.

After the second protest, state Democratic lawmakers requested that the Michigan Capitol Commission ban guns on the premises. On Monday, the Democratic attorney general issued an opinion saying the appointed body had the authority to do so, warning against a “powder keg dynamic” created by heavily armed protesters.

But the commission said nah let’s do a study instead.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, later called the notion of a gun-ban “cowardly” in a floor speech, calling for protesters who are threatening on Thursday to be arrested by state police.

It’s “cowardly” to want not to be gunned down for being a Democratic legislator? It’s easy for a Republican to say, isn’t it, because the gun lunatics aren’t threatening Republicans. Basically the disagreement is over whether or not it’s ok to kill/threaten to kill Democrats inside the capitol, and Republicans are saying hell yes it’s ok.

“This is a terribly concerning development in that we have legislators who are showing up to work wearing bulletproof vests. That is disenfranchising thousands of people in our state if their legislator doesn’t feel safe enough to go to work and to do what their job is,” said Whitmer in her interview on The View.

And it’s true on a national level. We’re being steadily trained to fear that right-wing lunatics will perform an armed coup. Such things do happen, and it’s getting more and more obvious that we’re now the kind of place where such things happen.

Pray for rain, I guess.

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