Soz, nomination canceled

More of this kind of crap:

On Tuesday 21st February 2020, we were surprised and delighted to find that Woman’s Place UK had been nominated for something called the National Diversity Awards.

Congratulations! You have just been nominated for the Community Organisation (Gender) award at the National Diversity Awards!

Woman’s Place UK felt honoured by the nomination.

We were invited to accept the nomination and to create a profile page.

In the meantime, why not create a profile page so others wishing to nominate you can find you! Please click the link below to confirm you accept this nomination.

They clicked on the link below but it didn’t work. The password they’d been issued was rejected. They tried again on a different computer, and got the same result. They emailed the National Diversity Awards to report the problem. There was no response.

On Tuesday 4th March, we tried to log in again, unsuccessfully, and decided to register a ‘forgotten password’ to see if that would elicit a response.

It did, it elicited a “no recognize password” response and advice to contact them for help, so they tried that again. This time a response arrived.

Many thanks for your email and apologies for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, upon confirming your nomination, we received a number of complaints which are currently being investigated by our advisory panel. During the nomination process, it is our obligation to review any issues raised and we are committed to ensuring our nominees values align with the inclusive ethos of The National Diversity Awards.

Inclusive of what? Inclusive of men who say they are women and not of women who say that men are not women? Is that the kind of inclusivity we get to have? The only kind?

They said they’d “be in touch” once they’d “completed” their “investigation.”

Given that we had not completed our public profile page, we wondered where “a number of complaints” could have originated from.

We were also astonished that the National Diversity Awards had only informed us that our nomination had been rescinded when we approached them for an explanation.

The National Diversity Awards gave us no information on the complaints nor did they offer us any opportunity to make representation to the “advisory panel”.

Naturally. Women who refuse to obey orders to call men “women” are so evil that we don’t deserve basic courtesy.

WPUK replied asking for more information, and were rudely ignored. See above: no courtesy for you evil women who don’t “include” men in the category “women.”

WPUK has heard noting more to this day.

The National Diversity Awards lists the following categories as being eligible for recognition:

Age | Disability | Gender | LGBT | Race, Religion & Faith

Quite a mess, isn’t it. “Gender” should be “sex,” and “Race” should not be in the same category as “Religion” on account of how they’re not the same thing at all. But perhaps not quite so obvious…where the hell is class? Where is diversity of money-having? Where is the category for people who have to go on showing up for work during a pandemic to get their small paychecks while people who make big paychecks can mostly work from home? Where is the difference between poverty and wealth?

Never mind. That’s not interesting any more. It’s too of the earth earthy. The real heroes of our time are men who have intense fantasies of being women.

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