Stop counting!!

Trump is suing Michigan.

The campaign of President Donald Trump said Tuesday  it is suing Michigan in federal court in an effort to prevent final certification of the state’s election results, as Trump continues to refuse to concede to Joe Biden or accept the outcome of the race for the presidency. 

He’s suing Michigan for not voting for him. That’s totally a thing you can do.

Attorneys for the Trump campaign said late afternoon the new lawsuit would be filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. Although the bulk of the allegations appear to focus on Detroit, located on the other side of the state, the seat of state government in Lansing is located in the Western District. 

Ahhhh yes Detroit. We all know about Detroit, don’t we. Motown. It has too many [whispers] black people. Trump is suing Michigan for counting votes from not-white people.

Trump trails Biden by more than 146,000 votes in Michigan, according to unofficial vote totals. There is no evidence or proof of widespread election fraud, and campaign leaders have not outlined any strategy that would result in a change in the outcome of the race, either in Michigan or nationally.

That has not stopped Trump from lying about election proceedings in Michigan, going so far as to recently claim on national television that he won the state. 

146 thousand votes. That’s kind of a lot.

It’s ok though, this is his way of assuring onlookers that he’ll be an awesome business partner once this is all over.

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