The hole in the family

Female people aren’t human, they are merely the mechanism for creating humans and the mechanisms that make more humans and mechanisms, and so on. No mechanism is permitted to say no to the duty of a mechanism. It doesn’t matter if the mechanism is too small to create a human, the worst that can happen is that the mechanism will permanently break in the attempt. Nothing of value is lost.

Scores of Brazilian women have taken to the streets to protect a 10-year-old child who was being persecuted by religious extremists for trying to legally undergo an abortion after being raped, allegedly by her uncle.

So she’s a child, so she was raped, so the rapist is her uncle, so what – she’s a mechanism for creating humans (and mechanisms), she can’t refuse.

The girl, from São Mateus, a small town in the south-eastern state of Espírito Santo, was admitted to hospital on 7 August complaining of abdominal pain and doctors confirmed she was pregnant.

Saint Matthew in Holy Spirit state – they never let you forget, do they.

Brazil’s highly restrictive abortion laws – largely written in 1940 – permit terminations in cases of rape, when the mother’s life is at risk and when the birth defect anencephaly is detected.

Well it’s rape and childbirth is hella dangerous for a ten-year-old but what the hell, put her through it anyway, amirite? She probably seduced the uncle with her slutty ten-year-old ways.

She had to go 900 miles to Recife to get the abortion.

When the girl reached the hospital where the termination was to be performed on Sunday afternoon, its entrance had been occupied by far-right anti-abortion activists and politicians who were filmed hurling abuse at hospital staff and the child, and trying to stop them entering.

The child hadn’t been abused enough yet, I guess.

The activists appear to have discovered the hospital’s location, which was kept secret for security reasons, from a hardcore supporter of Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.

In an online video, which was later deleted but the Guardian has seen, the pro-Bolsonaro extremist Sara Giromini names the girl and falsely claims authorities had kidnapped her and chartered a private jet to transport her to the termination.

“It’s just unbelievable this is happening in Brazil, that part of the population really believes abortion is worse than rape,” said Viana from the women’s rights group Curumim. “But we weren’t surprised because we know we have a president who is supportive of these shows of hatred.”

Their god hates women, so they hate women too.

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