Vote for armed racist intimidation

Fun choice:

Donald Trump has confirmed he will address the Republican convention next week from the White House, a controversial choice.

It’s not just “controversial,” it’s unethical and revolting.

But it’s worse than that: the racist couple who pointed guns at protesters are scheduled to speak at the Republican convention.

In a racially charged incident in late June, Patricia and Mark McCloskey, who are white, were pictured outside their mansion in St Louis, pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters heading for the mayor’s house nearby.

Mark McCloskey held an assault rifle, Patricia McCloskey a handgun. The couple, both lawyers, said they feared for their own safety and were defending their home.

Charges Filed Against McCloskeys, St. Louis Couple Who Pointed ...

And the Republican party said booya, we want more of that, let’s have them at our convention! Vote racist!

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