The leader

Ha! No.

And then this idea that he said “I’m your leader” and he said it more than once and I can understand why certain people would think that sounds a little dictatorial but the president is the leader and I think the president’s sort of mapping

Wait wait wait I have to stop you right there.

No he is not. He is not. He’s the chief government administrator; he presides over the government. That’s it. He is not our leader. We don’t have one and we don’t need one. Remember Il Duce? Remember Der Führer? Those were avowed Leaders, and they led everyone right over a cliff. We don’t have or want a governmental Leader. Get out of hear with that crap.

Remember “thought leaders”? Remember that ridiculous gang of celebrity secularists that Edwina Rogers tried to set up, with lots of cringe-worthy gabble about “thought leaders”? Boy did that fade fast. The label is a thing though – I keep hearing it in tv ads. That must be where it originated: advertising.

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