One heck of a leader

Don’t read this if you’re feeling at all queasy. It was party time at Donnie’s place yesterday.

President Donald Trump recognized the “great chairman” Sen. Orrin Hatch while celebrating the passage of the Republican tax plan Wednesday on the White House steps.

In turn, Hatch, R-Utah, said, “We’re going to keep fighting to make this the greatest presidency we’ve seen not only in generations but maybe ever.”

That’s like holding a bowl of warm shit and saying you’re going to keep fighting to make this the most beautiful marble sculpture we’ve seen not only in generations but maybe ever. You can’t turn a bowl of warm shit into a marble sculpture and you can’t turn a Trump presidency into the greatest ever seen. You don’t have the materials.

Exultant House and Senate Republican leaders gathered with Trump on the White House South Lawn to hail the newly passed tax overhaul and slap each other on the back, with no one heaping higher praise on the president than Hatch.

“Mr. President, I have to say you’re living up to everything I thought you would,” the seven-term senator said. “You’re one heck of a leader.”

I did warn you.

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