They thought it might look bad

Gee, how impressive: a few Republican senators tried to talk Trump out of firing Sondland. Not Vindman, mind you, oh no no, just Sondland.

A handful of Republican senators attempted to stop President Donald Trump from firing the US Ambassador to the European Union, who was a key impeachment witness, the New York Times reported Saturday.

People briefed on the discussion told the Times that the Republican senators were concerned it would look bad for Trump to fire Gordon Sondland, and told White House officials that Sondland should be allowed to leave on his own terms.

Look bad? Pffff, how silly, he’s the president, he can do whatever he wants. He says so himself.

An adviser to Trump said the firings of the major impeachment witnesses was meant to send a message that siding against the President will not be tolerated.

We know that.

We also know that that’s not a legitimate message to send, and that the Republicans are criminally allowing this criminal pretend-president to commit crime after crime and get away with it. The firings of the major impeachment witnesses were meant to send the same message any gang murder is meant to send: leave us alone to do whatever we want or we will kill you and everyone you know in the most painful and degrading way we can think of.

Sondland’s ties to the White House and Trump had deteriorated since his impeachment testimony. Sondland once had Trump effectively on speed-dial, or the presidential equivalent of it, but since his appearance before Congress he hadn’t spoken with Trump, according to a person familiar with the situation. He was also pulled from overseeing the Ukraine portfolio, which wasn’t directly related to his position as EU ambassador.

My sympathy dial is at zero. He bought the ambassador post, he had no qualifications for it, he never should have been allowed anywhere near it, and he helped Trump and Giuliani extort Ukraine. He’s just another Trump stooge.

We’re at the mercy of a criminal for at least the next 11 months.

We’re a hamburger republic.

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