They’ll frighten the horses

Maybe they should just drug them, or lock them up?

News from New Zealand:

Girls who want to wear pants or shorts at a Southland high school have to see a guidance counsellor first.

James Hargest College in Invercargill is in the process of updating its uniform but in the meantime, girls who want to wear unisex pants or shorts must have it cleared by their parents. To do that, they are required to visit a counsellor.

But wearing trousers is just…wearing trousers. I do it every day without any counseling at all.

Principal Andy Wood said the talk with a guidance counsellor first was to make sure they had “thought through the possible reactions of other kids” if they wore the pants or shorts. He did not expand on what those reactions might be.

Has Principal Andy Wood been outside at any time over the past 100 years or so? Because girls in trousers are really not such an unusual sight now.

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