This racially disproportionate rate of death

Another way the US is not a developed country:

Across the city of New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana, in America’s deep south, similar scenes of mourning have played out among hundreds of African American families. Louisiana is among the states hardest-hit by Covid-19, with 755 deaths marking one of the highest per-capita death rates in the country. Seventy per cent of those who have died here are black, despite African Americans making up only 32% of the state population.

This racially disproportionate rate of death has begun to emerge among other states in the deep south, America’s poorest region, where a nexus of intergenerational poverty, a greater prevalence of underlying health conditions, and less access to healthcare are certain to have more pronounced consequences for the black community as the virus proliferates.

Black people in the South and in the rest of the country have been systematically and deliberately kept in that intergenerational poverty since their ancestors were dragged here in chains. Poor people are treated like shit in this country. That’s not “developed.”

“The south has the perfect storm of characteristics to just be a tragic region in terms of the Covid outbreak,” said Thomas LaVeist, dean of public health and tropical medicine at Tulane University.

… The “perfect storm” LaVeist refers to, brews over a region that has almost unanimously – bar Louisiana – declined to expand Medicaid benefits offered by Barack Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, the Affordable Care Act, which would enable millions of low-income southerners access to health insurance.

We treat poor people like shit here.

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