To ensure she is not attacked

Remember Selina Todd? She was told by students last year that there was going to be a campaign to have her sacked from her job being a professor of modern history at Oxford. More here and here and here.

Now she has to have a security detail.

Prof Selina Todd, a historian who specialises in the lives of women and the working class, said that she has now been provided with “routine security” to ensure she is not attacked.

The academic – who has been accused of being a “transphobe” for her involvement in women’s rights advocacy – was told by her students that she was potentially in danger.

“Two students came to see me and said they were very worried that threats had been made to me on email networks they were part of,” Prof Todd told The Telegraph.

Isn’t it funny how feminism has never been known for issuing threats against people who oppose feminism?

“The university investigated the threats and came back to me to say their intelligence on them is such that they are providing me security for all of my lecturers for the rest of this year. They said ‘you’re having two men in the rest of your lectures’.”

At her most recent undergraduate lecture, a handful of students arrived in trans activists T-shirts, who she believed had come to cause trouble.

She figures the burly guys standing in the back may have persuaded them to skip the trouble-causing.

Prof Todd said that transgender activists started making complaints about her on the basis that her teaching of feminist history was “transphobic”.

“My research suggests that women who posed as men  in the past were often lesbians seeking to protect themselves, or because they want to do jobs that were only available to men,” she said.

How dare women focus on women instead of on men who say they are women. Men matter, women do not.

Prof Todd said that the history faculty now receives “daily” complaints from activists calling for her to be sacked, which has left her feeling unnerved.

Prof Todd urged the university to take a stronger stance in disciplining students who are making threats and malicious complaints against her. 

Oh they couldn’t do that; that might look transphobic.

Earlier this week an Oxford college rowed back on its code of conduct for a transgender discussion following criticism that it was closing down free speech.

Merton College was accused of adopting a “draconian” stance over its plans to host a discussion about transgender issues which bans “language which denies the validity of trans identity”.

Do colleges ban language which denies the validity of pretend-astronaut identity? Do they ban language which denies the validity of pretend-movie star identity? Do they ban language which denies the validity of pretend-Nobel prize winner identity?

No. In other contexts people are expected to act like adults and not try to force their fantasies on other people. Sex is the one exception; that fantasy has to be humored, and permitted to threaten non-believers.

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