What a “cisgender” woman is allowed to believe

Our new friend Zack just keeps on giving. Thanks to the vagaries of Twitter I didn’t see this one yesterday, despite clicking on all the view threads and replies I did see.

It’s breathtaking, isn’t it. We impudent women “can,” according to this man, “believe” (stupid credulous creatures that we are) that our biology is “part of” what makes us women – only “part of,” mind you, we’re not allowed to “believe” it’s the whole of it. Also we’re not allowed to “believe” it’s what makes women women, we’re only allowed to believe it of our single selves, “personally.” He misused the “inclusive” their/them, and sowed confusion by doing so – he meant “a cisgender woman can believe her biology is part of what makes her, personally, a woman” – but she is required to believe that other rules apply to other women.

But wait! Not only is it a mere belief, not only is even that a mere part of what makes her a woman in her silly personal belief, but also – she is not allowed to “assert that this is the only way one can be defined as a woman.”

So many rules and limitations and orders in one little tweet, all telling women what a man will allow us to believe and assert.

That takes some fucking brass neck, I must say.

I’m not the only one.

There are a lot of replies like that – aka it’s a dogpile, and we’re told and told and told not to contribute to Twitter dogpiles – but what can we do when a conceited smug man who thinks he knows it all makes assertions about what women can believe, personally, about what makes us women, but cannot assert such beliefs about other women? What can we do when a smug conceited man says all that to a man and entirely ignores all the women who object to his domineering pronouncements about us? When the smug conceited smug man in question is a senior correspondent at Vox? He’s not a random Twitter fella, he’s an opinion-maker, and he won’t even reply to a single one of us.

Yes so when I saw that tweet just now and my hair caught fire I contributed to the dog pile. One more reply for him to ignore.

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