What will they gain?

Leo Igwe asks:

What will Islam/Muslims in Kano gain by executing a person who sang a song that was critical of Muhammad…….????


From Vanguard

The Muslim Lawyers’ Association (MULAN), Kano State branch has on Saturday okayed the death sentence judgment against one Sharrif Yahaya for blaspheming the holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.).

This was also as it called on the Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to ensure strict compliance to the Judgement. The Muslim Lawyers’ in a statement signed by it Chairman, Muhammad Sani Garba Esq and made available to newsmen in the state. Garba said the judgment was the right thing as the convict deserves the death punishment.

“This is because the supreme court has decided in the case of Abubakar Shalla Vs State (2007) 12 MJSC at page 52-53 paragraph G-B that the position of the Law under Shariah is that any sane and adult Muslim, who insults, defames, or utter words or acts which are capable of bringing into disrepute, odium, contempt of the holy prophet (peace be upon him) such a person has committed a serious crime which is punishable by death.”

What did he do? He said some stuff.

The Prosecutor, Inspector Yargoje in a First Information Report, FIR said Sharif was charged to court for insulting religious Creed contrary to section 382 (6) of Kano State Shariah Penal Code Law 2000.

“That you, Sharrif Yahaya, resident of Sharif quarters, Kano on 28/02/2020 between the hours of 20:00hrs to 23:00hrs with the intention to hurt the feelings of Muslim faithful made a post via WhatsApp group named “Gidan Umma Abiha” some abusive and degrading audio statements in which you called Prophet Muhammad PBUH a theist (Mushrik) who propagate Shrik and whose position is lower than that of INYASS in the hereafter.”

Insulting religious Creed. Saying things about a guy who died 14 centuries ago. The death penalty for that.

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