All Australians who menstruate

Goooooood grief.

Bonds brings in ‘Cheer Bleeders’ to show off period underwear range

Excuse me?

No, it’s not a joke. Cheerleaders=Cheer Bleeders, rah rah rah.

Bonds has launched its latest Bloody Comfy Period Undies campaign, Cheer Bleeders, featuring a specially created cheer team dedicated to making all Australians who menstruate feel more empowered before, after and during their period.

All Australians who menstruate…you mean women and girls? Oh no no no no no no no good god no. That would never do.

The integrated campaign, created in partnership with Special Group Australia, showcases the Bonds’ Cheer Bleeders wearing Bloody Comfy Period Undies as they cheer about different aspects of periods using the tagline ‘Cheer through the Bleed’.

What aspects would those be? Cramps? Having to change the tampon or the pad? Leaking? Those are things to cheer about are they?

‘Cheer Bleeders’ aims to change the uncomfortable experience many Australians still feel when getting their period, with many taking time out from school, sport and other activities due to discomfort, teasing and fears of embarrassment.

Instead, Bonds strives to show people that you don’t have to follow the conventional rules around periods. It’s your period on your terms.

How very very careful this blurb is not to mention the words “girls” and “women.” How very careful it is to pretend menstruation happens to everyone, to Australians in general, to people. How very careful it is to pretend that “teasing” isn’t boys shaming girls for menstruating but just a universal experience, can happen to anyone.

How can girls grow up as feminists in a world where the existence of girls and women is treated as a shameful secret? In a world where they’re forced to pretend that boys can menstruate too?

“Bonds’ mission is centred around making the world a more comfortable place for everyone and there has never been more opportunity to do this than when it comes to young Aussies and the cultural norms around periods,” Special Group creative director Luke Thompson says.

Well thank fuck Luke Thompson is there to explain periods to girls.

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