All the fun’s gone out of it

At least he’s miserable.

The President has been in a foul mood for several days and has lost interest in the performative parts of the presidency he once relished, a source he’s spoken with in recent days told CNN.

While he’s eagerly anticipating his military-style send-off from Joint Base Andrews on Inauguration morning — one of the few items that have cheered him up recently — there were already signs the crowd may be smaller than he’d hoped. And a slate of actual celebrities lined up for Biden’s inauguration has disappointed a president who tried and often failed to secure A-list support for his own presidency.

It’s so typical that he doesn’t get how pathetic and feeble he’s going to look sulking out of attending the inauguration and instead staging his own little parade that nobody cares about. That’s a LOSER parade.

He taped a “goodbye you love me” video yesterday, which isn’t going to make him look any less loser.

The video is expected to be released on Tuesday, an official said, although a final timing had not been determined. Unlike most of his predecessors in the television era, a live prime-time farewell address attempting to burnish what has become a badly tarnished legacy is no longer in the cards.

And yet he used to be such a star.

On his last full day as president, Trump is expected to issue a final raft of pardons and commutations and could sign new executive orders, according to White House officials. He is taking exit meetings with aides, posing for photos in the Oval Office, keeping tabs on his carefully planned departure ceremony and receiving briefings from the Secret Service on security for an inauguration he does not plan on attending.

His schedule was empty except for the notice he dictated himself weeks ago asserting he’d “work from early in the morning until late in the evening” and “make many calls and have many meetings.” His vice president was scheduled to convene a final meeting of the coronavirus task force.

He dictated that. Weeks ago. He dictated a meaningless empty claim weeks ago, saying he would work MANY HOURS and do ALL THE MEETINGS N PHONE CALLS – which sounds like a kindergarten child’s idea of what Going To Work is.

Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks before his final departure from Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday, where a military-style ceremony is being planned. Invitations have gone out to Trump’s friends, allies and former administration officials saying it will begin at 8 a.m. ET. Each invitee is allowed five guests; organizers hope to secure a large crowd because Trump has complained about the size of his gatherings in the past.

Please come to my goodbye party and please bring LOTS OF PEOPLE with you because at this rate it looks as if it will be about 10 people and some blowup dolls.

22 hours and 16 minutes.

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