Another one

Ofsted is out.

Stonewall raised “concern” with Ofsted that inspectors do not always discuss trans issues with primary school children, The Telegraph can reveal.

Ahhhhhhhh now that’s damning. Stonewall was complaining to Ofsted that inspectors weren’t pushing primary schools to groom children.

The LGBT charity questioned an exemption in the school watchdog’s guidance allowing inspectors to avoid asking children as young as five about topics such as gender transitioning if a headteacher “reasonably believes” it is sensitive for pupils.

In an email to Ofsted, released under freedom of information laws, Stonewall said: “We are concerned that exempting inspectors from speaking to pupils about certain protected characteristics could undermine their ability to effectively assess a primary school’s compliance with the Equality Act 2010.”

In other words schools have to indoctrinate small children into the trans ideology or they won’t be doing their duty by “certain protected characteristics” and Stonewall will have to punish. What power-drunk shits these creeps are.

In the email to Ofsted, seen by The Telegraph, Stonewall’s director of education and youth wrote: “We know that some students who are bullied (for whatever reason) do not disclose this to teachers, so it is difficult to envisage how inspectors could make assessments on whether homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying is prevalent in schools, without being able to speak to pupils about all protected characteristics.”

Yes that will definitely solve the problem. “Johhny, do you bully any classmates because you’re biphobic? Do you bully any classmates because you’re homophobic? Do you bully any classmates because you’re transphobic? Jenny, does Johnny bully you because you’re bi? Does he bully you because you’re a lesbian? Does he bully you because you’re trans?” Makes you wish you could be a kid again.

Meanwhile, more public bodies have quit Stonewall’s diversity scheme. They include the Post Office, NHS Highland, Swim England, three police forces and several councils.

Police Scotland should quite Stonewall’s diversity scheme. Yesterday.

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