Some disquiet about the scheme

When Channel 4 goes

Channel 4 has become the latest organisation to pull out of the diversity scheme run by the charity Stonewall.

In US-speak “scheme” is mostly a pejorative. That’s less true in the UK but I still smirk at calling Stonewall’s (cough) campaign a “scheme.”

The broadcaster, which has been praised for its programmes highlighting LGBTQ issues, said it was withdrawing from the “diversity champions” scheme.

Yesterday Moon Beever, a law firm, severed its ties with the charity. The Equality and Human Rights Commission and the employment dispute service Acas have withdrawn for “cost reasons”, and the DVLA and the housing department have also pulled out.

Frances Coulson, senior partner at Moon Beever, told the legal blog RollOnFriday: “After some disquiet about recent actions of Stonewall we have decided to exit the Stonewall Diversity Programme.”

“Some disquiet” – there’s that suave understatement again.

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