Brighton changes name to Dimmon

What are they putting in the drinking water in Brighton?

An NHS trust is to use “gender inclusive language” for its maternity services, including terms such as “chestfeeding” and “birthing parent”.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust is thought to be first in the UK to adopt the language in its internal communications and meetings.

Let’s hope it’s also the last, and that it changes its mind.

The trust said it recognised “challenges” gender identity can have on pregnancy, birth and feeding.

It recognized what? You mean it recognized the challenges “gender identity” can present for pregnant women and mothers?

Let’s assume that’s what they mean. So what’s the point? That women who have delusions of being men find it painful or disconcerting to experience pregnancy and giving birth and nursing a baby, and that therefore there is a need to change the language used by everyone so that women will be erased even from that whole creating human beings thing that is why women are so policed. A very small number of women with socially-fostered delusions, and bam, it’s time to pretend anyone of any sex can push out a baby.

Don’t worry, women, we’ll still mention you, but we’ll also pretend that people other than women can push out babies.

document on the trust’s website lists new terms such as “breast/chestfeeding”, “mothers and birthing parents” and “father or second biological parent”.

And all of Brighton joins hands and dances together.

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