This one trans guy said

The Beeb gave the job of “analysis” on that Brighton NHS gendoo newtwoo wangwidge article to, of all people, Ben Hunte, their “LGBT correspondent” who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about women.

The hospital is currently receiving a huge amount of backlash following several misleading news reports and lots of misinformation on social media.

On Twitter, some have called the changes “misogynistic” or “an erasure of women”, and many have labelled them “ridiculous”.

Good start. Scare-quotes on misogyny; that’s Ben Hunte for you.

However, while some reports have stated that Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is entirely replacing any language related to womanhood, this is not the case.

We know, it’s women and blah blah blah, but we still object to that, because it is in fact women and only women. We get to object to being redefined as well as being erased.

One trans man told me he is “disappointed” that language meant to include him is so divisive, as “adding others should not subtract”.

Poor Ben Hunte, he couldn’t persuade more than one trans man to tell him that?

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