Who shouts the loudest

Survivors’ Network proudly announces it is throwing women to the wolves:

We have recently received a huge increase in attention and interest in our inclusion of trans women in our women-only services. We are happy to make it explicitly clear: Survivors’ Network recognises trans women as women, and we welcome them to use all of our services.

You might as well say you recognize wolves as daffodils. Trans women are men, and they don’t belong in women-only services, especially those for survivors.

We know, through groundbreaking research, that trans people are disproportionately impacted by sexual violence, and we consider a trans inclusive feminism to be key to our values and central to our service as the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex.

They “know” something that isn’t true (and what is this “groundbreaking research”?): women are the people most affected by sexual violence, not trans people.

Our policies will not be changed by who shouts the loudest.

Shouts the loudest? Really? Louder than Morgan Oger, louder than Rachel McKinnon, louder than the Degenderettes with their axes and threats?

So women in Brighton won’t be able to go there for help.

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