The me me me me me me foundation

I’m curious about the “Morgane Oger Foundation” now, so looking into it. Pretty funny so far.

It has its very own Facebook page!

Which of course Morgane Oger could have set up all by xirself.

It sure does look as if Oger is providing all the content. It shares articles from…the Morgane Oger Foundation. For instance, it shares one with the stirring headline “Morgane Oger Foundation Applauds City of Vancouver Putting Inclusion First.” What does Oger mean by that? You already know.

We are concerned that public-funding organizations are closing their eyes to discrimination they enable by funding programs delivered by service providers which do not live up to the funding organization’s expectations. We urge all funders to address this through language in grant contracts with service providers and other funding recipients. On 13 March 2019, Morgane Oger addressed the City of Vancouver for our organization asking that the city enforce its own rules on inclusion and discrimination.

“Permission to discriminate on prohibited grounds is given to some non-profits by the competent agency and should never be assumed to be in place. Charities and non-profit organizations with one exception from a prohibition to discriminate do not automatically have any right to discriminate on any other explicitly prohibited grounds”, said Oger.

The Morgane Oger Foundation applauds the City of Vancouver for its decision to grant Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) the requested 2019 Direct Social Services Grant funding as a non-extensible or renewable termination grant and for requiring that VRR meet the inclusion criteria set out in City of Vancouver policy before it can be funded again.

Vancouver Rape Relief has a long-documented history of excluding, and advocating for the exclusion from women’s spaces, of Transgender women and other persons who are not what they deem to be born women.

It’s not about their “deeming” anything, it’s about reality. Women are women, and men are not women, however uncomfortable they may feel about being men. Men don’t get to use their discomfort with being men as a battering ram to smash women’s rights to bits.

The “Foundation” is funny; what Oger says is not.



I wouldn’t want a punch from those hands.

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