Another eponymous “foundation”

And here’s a bad idea in the making:

An advocacy organization says it wants to map hatred and discrimination across Canada in a move that is prompting warnings of caution from one civil liberties group.

The Vancouver-based Morgane Oger Foundation has issued a call for volunteers to help build the Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism, to be known as CAPE.

Founder Morgane Oger said the mapping tool would tie together extremist groups and people regularly associated with them, and also map incidents involving hate across Canada.

Is it actually an organization, or is it just Morgane Oger?

The idea is to shed light on how hatred is propagated, she said, while being mindful that allegations can’t be tossed out willy-nilly.

“We can’t say someone is a murderer unless they are in fact a murderer, but maybe it would be interesting to see it’s always the same dozen people who are doing anti-trans advocacy in the (B.C.) Interior or the white supremacy groups are working with each other,” said Oger, a former provincial NDP candidate and a member of the party’s executive.

Oooh nice poisoning of the well, although I have to say it’s a little too obvious. “Let’s talk about murderers, wouldn’t it be interesting to see who is doing “anti-trans advocacy” and by the way aren’t they exactly like white supremacists?”

What Oger means is “let’s make it even more impossible for women to defend their own rights by covertly calling them murderers and white supremacists.”

Oger said the project is in its infancy and the foundation has not yet determined exactly what types of actions, groups or individuals would be documented, but it believes the data could be useful to academics, law enforcement and others.

It could include a rating system to categorize incidents by severity, she said, giving hate-motivated murders and discriminatory graffiti as examples that would receive different grades.

How very scrupulous.

I think Morgane Oger is pretty much the last person in the world who should be doing this.

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