Again – infuriating.

Why put it that way? Why not put it the more obvious way: this is a victory to treat women as having rights themselves? Why put all the emphasis on trans people and what they want and by doing that, imply that women are 1. the enemy and 2. vicious bullies? WHY DO THAT?

Why the hemming, the apologizing, the anxious propitiation, the quaking sensitivity, along with the blank indifference to women?

But trans people’s rights are absolutely protected…

Who said anything else? Why say that? Why assume that feminist women are trying to take away trans people’s rights? WHY DO THAT?

You know they face harassment and bullying from school onwards…

SO DO WOMEN. So do women, and women are half of everyone, so why are we ignoring the bullying of women in favor of wringing our hands over the bullying of men who say they are women? (That’s what both Radio 4 and Falkner mean by “trans people,” of course – we all know trans men are a distant afterthought.) Why don’t women’s rights matter any more? Even to women? Why has the trans bullying been so very effective?

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