Guest post: Move to the desert then use up all the water

Originally a comment by iknklast on Prolonged drought aka desert.

States like Arizona, Utah, and Nevada are among the highest per capita water users in the US. People move to states without much water, then use water like there is a huge supply. The states with the lowest per capita usage are mostly in New England, where there is a better supply of water. I don’t have too much sympathy with people who move to the desert and then consume water they are usually stealing from somewhere else. And there is a water fountain in Phoenix that shoots water up to 560 feet (though the average is 300 feet). Most of that will evaporate in the desert air.

Also, Lake Mead should not have been built. The lake is evaporating more than 600,000 acre-feet every year. The Colorado River has so many dams that it no longer reaches the mouth for several months each year.

None of this is acceptable. Deserts are inappropriate places for intensive development. I realize some people like it hot, and don’t want winter cold, but if there isn’t enough water to sustain the lifestyle you require, you need to live somewhere else.

Why live in the desert if you want to have a lawn from suburban Chicago?

And may of the lawns are based on eastern US ideas of a lawn, which were carried over here from England. So we are trying to build lawns in a desert where rain is scarce modeled on lawns from a country with regular rainfall.

If the human species goes extinct, we may be the first species to be extincted by its own stupidity.

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