Chasing the lies

They always frame it deceptively.

The fight over the rights of transgender athletes to compete in girls’ and women’s athletics has spilled over to more than a dozen states as lawmakers in Idaho, Montana, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and most recently Florida have passed legislation since the beginning of 2020 to ban them from the field.

There are no such “rights.” Imagine saying “the fight over the rights of adult athletes to compete in children’s athletics has spilled over” blah blah – nobody would say that because the absurdity would be too obvious, but for some reason it’s not obvious when it comes to men trampling women.

Chase Strangio, a transgender man who serves as the ACLU’s Deputy Director for Transgender Justice, pushed back against the notion critics of transgender athletes have pushed, that they have an unfair physical advantage over girls and women. “The idea of trans dominance is completely overblown. It’s a myth,” he said.

It’s not a “notion” that men have an unfair advantage over women, it’s reality. We’re not “critics of transgender athletes,” we’re outraged at the obvious unfairness of letting males compete invade women’s sports. The issue isn’t “trans dominance,” it’s male dominance. They just will not report this honestly.

“At the Olympic level…the most elite level of sporting competition, trans women and girls have been eligible to compete,” said Strangio. “Laurel [Hubbard] will be the first trans woman to ever qualify. Her current statistics do not even put her in medal contention.”

Hubbard stole a medal from a Samoan woman at the Pacific Games. He should not be competing in the women’s events.

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