Disturbingly nicknamed

So Wayne Couzens’s colleagues in the police called him “The Rapist.” Hawhaw, boys will be boys eh? Nicknames are enough, no need to do anything about him.

The Met Police hired Sarah Everard‘s killer despite him being disturbingly nicknamed ‘The Rapist’ and the claim that he drove around naked in 2015 – three years before he was hired in London, it has emerged.

Wayne Couzens’ ex-colleagues at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), where the 48-year-old joined in March 2011, reportedly gave him the nickname because he made some female officers feel uncomfortable.

And by “uncomfortable” they mean “afraid.”

The Met is under pressure to investigate how Couzens, who pleaded guilty to murdering 33-year-old Ms Everard after snatching her off the street, was able to continue serving as an officer despite suspicions being raised about his behaviour.

Well they’re busy not prosecuting rape, you see.

Harriet Wistrich, director of the Centre for Women’s Justice, is among those calling for a full public inquiry into ‘police failures and misconduct and the wider culture of misogyny’ following Couzens’ guilty plea.

Ms Everard’s murder sparked protests by women fearing for their own safety earlier this year.

Ms Wistrich said: ‘As protesters made clear, women do not feel safe and it is incumbent on the Government and all criminal justice agencies to now take action over the epidemic of male violence which is the other public health crisis of our day.’

If Couzens has any sense he will immediately identify as a woman.

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