Recreational sadism

Wayne Couzens has admitted murdering Sarah Everard. You’ll never guess what his secret hobbies were.

…underneath the veneer of respectability was a sexual deviant who, fuelled by extreme pornography, was driven to ever more depraved actions to slake his desires.

Extreme porn isn’t all that deviant though; it’s not rare enough to be deviant. It seems that a lot of men like watching women get beaten and tortured.

Despite being an armed officer tasked with protecting politicians, dignitaries and VIPs, Couzens admitted regularly cavorting with prostitutes and was also suspected of taking dangerous body-building steroids.

Cavorting? I doubt they spent the time skipping and jumping around.

…privately Couzens is suspected of having a dangerous addiction to extreme pornography.

“Extreme” doesn’t mean extra extra sexy, it means violent.

So anyway, a woman’s life is taken away because a man is addicted to violent porn. Whatevs.

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