Emergency measures

They’d better be.

US officials are strengthening security measures in Washington DC and across the country as the FBI said far-right groups – many using social media – were continuing to threaten plots before Joe Biden’s inauguration as president on 21 January.

I wonder what they’re hoping for. Reinstatement of slavery? Repeal of all minimum wage laws? Sealed borders? Flat tax? Death penalty for abortions?


The outgoing homeland security secretary, Chad Wolf, said on Monday that he had moved up the timing of the “national special security event” for Biden’s inauguration to Wednesday, instead of 19 January citing the “events of the past week”, along with an “evolving security landscape”.

The events of the past week, triggered by his boss.

Wolf’s statement came as Trump – widely blamed for inciting the violence last week – issued an an emergency declaration for the US capital allowing the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate with local authorities as needed.

The warnings have prompted various states to introduce emergency measures, including Michigan, which banned the open carrying of firearms inside its state capitol, and Wisconsin, whose governor activated the national guard to support capitol police in Madison.

In California, the governor, Gavin Newsom, said authorities were “on high alert” for protests in Sacramento in the coming days, adding the national guard would be deployed if necessary.

Shouldn’t they be out raking the forests?

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