Enclosed is a report

Trump sent yet another moronic (and criminal!) letter to the Georgia Secretary of State yesterday, shouting at him to cancel the Georgia vote because reasons.

Much voter fraud! 43,000! Chain of Custody rules! Many other claims! Please check it out and then decertify the Erection excuse me the Election, or whatever the correct legal remedy is, I don’t give a fuck, just put a stamp on it or a big Sharpie signature or some lipstick or whatever, just do it. I’ve told you this like a MILLION TIMES you asshole so why haven’t you done it yet? People do not understand why you don’t do it! PEOPLE I tell you. Me, and my kids, except maybe what’s her name, Tiffany’s, and all the people in the world, and some in Russia too – they do not understand why you!! Why you fight so hard that the election truth not be told? Why you? Why so hard? Why not be told? Tremendous disservice. Guy’s illegitimate, unlike me, I’m tremendous legitimate, People don’t understand why you.

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