Not a feminist

Never mind Karens, it’s the Lavernes we need to worry about.

“I just believe as a non-essentialist intersectional feminist that womanhood is constituted beyond bodies, chromosomes and reproduction. Insisting trans women are always and only “males” as you say is getting us killed and denied equal protection under the law here in the States”

That “just” – it’s not a “just.” There is no “just” there. There would be no “just” to my saying “I just believe as a non-essentialist intersectional anti-racist that blackness is constituted beyond bodies, chromosomes and skin, and thus that I’m black too, like you, because I say I am, because I identify as black, because I feel black.” That would be seen as an outrageous claim, and rightly so. It’s not some little trifle that can be introduced with a “just.”

Next, “believe” – it doesn’t matter what he “believes,” or says he believes. Anyone can “believe” anything, or claim to. It’s a stupid thing to believe. Lots of things are stupid to believe, and that men can be women by saying so is one of them.

Next, “feminist” – he is not a feminist, and he doesn’t get to pretend to be a feminist to help him pretend to be a woman, and then bully and coerce us into agreeing with him that he’s a woman, and a better smarter more feminist and “intersectional” woman than we are. All of that is an obvious con game.

Next, how womanhood is constituted. It is exactly through bodies, and nothing else. It’s not a club, a mood, a state of mind, a set of clothes, a hairdo, a pronoun. It’s the body. You have a female body? You’re a woman. You have the other kind? You’re a man.

Next, “getting us killed” – no it isn’t. Murder rates for trans people are lower than the overall average, and they’re tied to sex work, not gender critical feminism.

Last, “equal protection under the law” – nonsense. Nothing we say has anything to do with denying trans people equal protection under the law.

Men who claim to be feminist women need to stop trying to bully women into agreeing with them.

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