More pummeling of feminist women please

A Vanity Fair piece from last month by trans woman Grace Robertson says how wrongy-wrong JK Rowling is and muses aloud about why.

Rowling, a British feminist, is soaking up these anti-trans views—she’s transphobic because everyone she reads and listens to is. Why? That’s the real mystery. Some pin the blame on many British journalists’ close ties to 2000s “skeptic” movement, largely built around dismissing pseudosciences such as homeopathy and “anti-science” views. My view is that it’s about just how white and privileged journalism is in the U.K.

Wait wait wait. Back up a step. Don’t be in such a hurry to step over that. What about this skeptic movement which is built around “dismissing” – or rather saying what is wrong with – pseudosciences such as homeopathy and anti-science [without scare-quotes] views? What does that tell you? If there’s a connection to skepticism about bullshit and hostility to science, what does that tell you?

It tells you that the fact-claims of trans ideology are pseudo-scientific bullshit, and that that matters. It tells you there’s little or no reason to think the claims are true. It tells you that if you accept them all uncritically you are being had.

Robertson also wishes UK feminists could get beaten up as much as US ones have.

My view is that it’s about just how white and privileged journalism is in the U.K. One study estimated that 94% of British journalists are white, with another finding that over half come from private schools (an eternal indicator of Britain’s class system). This is not a unique issue, but privilege has gone less challenged than in the U.S. “Middle- and upper-class white feminists have not received the pummeling from black and indigenous feminists that their American counterparts have,” wrote Sophie Lewis in the New York Times last year

I get the feeling Robertson would be happy to volunteer.

Paris Lees, trans columnist for British Voguewrote on Twitter that feminists who criticize her are also hostile to black women who “put forward an anti-racist agenda.”

No doubt he did, but it’s a lie.

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