Forced ritual

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave – very very much free, top free, most free of any anywhere.

With just a week to go before the legislative session ends in Texas, a host of bills are making their way to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

One of the pieces of legislation still under consideration would require sports teams to play the national anthem at games.

So there! You have to stand up for this anthem if you go to a sports game, and the teams have to play this one song if they do a sports game. Have to, I tell you, it’s mandatory and required and a legal obligation. That’s FREEDOM. You there, why isn’t your hand on your chest? You tryna get arrested or what?

Dubbed the “Star Spangled Banner Protection Act,” Senate Bill 4 would apply to professional sports teams that receive government funds from the state of Texas, requiring them to play the song.

Professional sports teams get money from the state of Texas. Why is that? Don’t they make a profit? Why do they get government money? Texas couldn’t spend the money on more pressing needs?

According to The Texas Tribune, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made the bill one of his legislative priorities after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped playing the anthem before home games.

Freedom freedom freedom – which of course does not include freedom to stop playing one particular song.

We ARE land of free n home of brave but that doesn’t mean you get to not sing this one song! Oh hell no. We’ll pass a law to make you sing it or else. Because freedom.

In a public response to the outcry condemning his decision, Cuban expressed support for the anthem, but he said team executives “also loudly hear the voices of those who feel that the anthem does not represent them.” The NBA later said all teams would play the anthem before games.

But why? Seriously, bitter jokes aside, why? Why is this a rule? Games are games, what do they have to do with singing a national song? We don’t have to sing the song in other settings or on other occasions. Why sports games?

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