Guest post: A helpful glossary of genderist bullshit

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Non-binary in Huddersfield.

The media outlet reporting this story has included a helpful glossary of genderist bullshit to indoctrinate (or at least confuse) its readers. Let’s play along!

Terms you need to understand

I seriously doubt it.

There are a lot of words used within the LGBT community that you may need help to understand. Here are some of the key definitions you may not know, as explained by Stonewall.

I might not know them because they’re wrong or made up. The likelyhood of anything from Stonewall leading to an improvement in my “understanding” is close to zero..

• Non-binary – the term used to describe people who don’t feel they comfortably identify as a man or a woman

Perhaps this should have started with definitions of “man” and “woman.” It would clarify whether the discomfort has anything to do with sexist stereotypes. As it is, I’m with Jesus & Mo’s barmaid: we’re all “non-binary.”

• Bisexual – a person who is attracted to people of more than one gender

WRONG. LOOK AT THE WORD: BI= two. SEXUAL = sex. That means “people attracted to both sexes.” “More than one” only insofar as you mean TWO, like it says in the “bi” part of the word. And sex, NOT “gender.” How can you be trusted with words if you can’t even get the fucking syllables right.

• LGBT – this is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bi and trans

As far as Stonewall’s activism is concerned, “T” is the only one that counts, but if they were to be honest and dropped the other letters, they would no longer be able to benefit from its parasitism of the gay rights movement, nobody would know what they were talking about anymore, and they would lose even more support.

• Gender Dysphoria – this is when a person feels discomfort or distress because they feel there is a conflict between their sex assigned at birth and their gender identity

Damn those doctors, nurses and midwives for failing to see the Magical Gender Essence in the delivery room. It’s all their fault! Good thing that there are places like Tavistock to medicate and carve the bodies of these distressed people so that they conform to their preferred, bullshit sexist stereotypes! Wait. What is “gender?”

• Gender Identity – how a person feels innately about their own gender – whether it be male, female or non-binary

Wait. What is “gender?” You’ve used it twice now, without defining it. How does differ from bullshit, sexist stereotypes?

• Pan – a person whose attraction towards others isn’t limited by sex or gender

A “gender” is not a “sexuality.” People are gay, straight, or bi. That’s it, that’s all, that’s everything. Stonewall used to know this.

• Trans – an umbrella term used to describe those whose gender is not the same as, or does not sit comfortably with, the sex they were assigned at birth

An almost useless catch-all term that includes people who don’t even want to be labeled trans. And don’t even ask about all the rest of you fuckers that we’re going to label “cis.”

Note that “genderqueer,” that extraordinarily meaningful, insightful, and powerful term, the accidental discovery of which helped launch the downward spiral of Pan Hollingworth’s pursuit of surgical solutions to mental problems, is nowhere to be found on this list. Perhaps because it is meaningless, incoherent, and contradictory genderbabble?

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